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Hotel Xcaret Mexico is a natural refuge immersed in the turquoise of the Caribbean and the mystical jungle of the Riviera Maya. A unique destination, inspired by the traditions, art and customs of Mexico. Enjoy an experience of total relaxation, family life and surprising fun, all in balance with the ecosystem.

What is the All-Fun Inclusive® program?

With a strong Mexican essence, Hotel Xcaret Mexico is proud to offer the innovative All-Fun Inclusive® concept. This program gives you much more than a traditional All Inclusive, as it combines sophisticated facilities that harmonize with the nature of the Riviera Maya, and full access to all of Xcaret Experiences parks and tours. It also offers you multiple activities and various culinary experiences, which will make your vacation unforgettable.

Gastronomic Experience

The ten restaurants and eight bars of Hotel Xcaret Mexico, are a journey around the flavors of the world, where Mexican cuisine, declared as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, is the protagonist.

Enjoy an exquisite culinary journey, in cozy spaces and with a careful attention to detail. In all our menus you will find delicious dishes, designed for all food lifestyles.


Relax from the beginning of your trip to the Riviera Maya. Upon arrival you will have personalized service, which includes round trip transportation from the airport, every 30 minutes. In addition, your visit to the parks and tours also includes a shuttle every 30 minutes. *

* Some parks and tours require reservation.

Parks and tours included

Your stay includes admission to all parks and tours of Xcaret
Experiences, along with the food and transportation plan of each.

Xcaret Park

Live the majestic paradise of Mexico

Feel free in Xcaret, the most emblematic park in Mexico. Walk trails surrounded by the Mayan jungle, get carried away by underground rivers, and follow the call of nature through birdsong. Here you will find more than 50 activities where you and your family will have a great time discovering the natural and cultural wealth of Mexico.

Xel-Ha Park

Feel the sky getting closer

Flow with nature and discover the magic of the planet among the waters of Xel-Há, the place where the sky meets this sanctuary nestled in the Caribbean. Snorkel among tropical fish, close your eyes and relax among the lush vegetation. Live different adventures with your family in more than 20 activities, including the new Mirador Lighthouse 40 meters high with an extreme spiral descent to a cenote.

Xplor Park

Explore an underground world

Enter the depths of the earth and make your way through the caves of  Xplor Park, on the surface you will not rest for a moment, the  adrenaline in your body will rise drastically between zip lines and  amphibious vehicles that will take you on an adventure when exploring the Mayan jungle. At night, Xplor Fuego comes alive in an intense stage lit by torches that will alert all your senses.

Xplor Fire Park

Nightly adventures in the middle of the jungle

Enjoy exciting activities in the only night park in the Riviera Maya.  Feel the adrenaline rush in an adventure between the jungle and the ancient underground world. Drive amphibious vehicles on torchlit  trails, row your hands through “lava” rivers, and slide into the  highest zip lines of the Riviera Maya, flying over the jungle trees in  the middle of the night. To end your evening, you can enjoy a buffet  of ribs, fresh flavored waters, or just relax in front of the campfire.

Xoximilco Park

Dance and sing at an authentic Mexican party

This trip starts with a carnival in a very picturesque atmosphere,  when you board your trajinera you will meet your new compadres who will accompany you through the channels of Xoximilco Cancun, a night in which you will have fun, taste exquisite Mexican dishes, toast with tequila, you will sing with the mariachi and dance to the rhythm of northern and ranchera music, among others.

Xenses Park

Wake up your senses in a fantastic world

Enter the enigmatic world of Xenses where nothing is what it seems and reality is combined with fantasy. Here, each scenario becomes a new experience to discover. Walk between paths that will blow your imagination and sharpen your senses. Fly freely like a bird, visit a mechanical world of marbles and blindly travel the Xensatorium, the fun has no limit.

Xenotes Tour

Meet a Mayan oasis

Enter the jungle of the Riviera Maya and learn about the mysticism of four different cenotes and the legends of their protective guardians, the aluxes. In this luxurious tour you will feel how your spirit is enveloped by the enigmatic jungle that surrounds Xenotes. Connect with nature while enjoying intrepid activities in different scenarios.

* This tour requires reservation. For your convenience, our concierge will arrange your visit. You just enjoy it!

Tour Xel-Ha - Tulum

Mayan Adventure

A tour to the archaeological zone of Tulum, an important Mayan ceremonial center, the only vestiges on the Mexican Caribbean coast, with hours of fun at Xel-Há Park. In Tulum admire the imposing buildings of the formerly known by the Maya as Zamá, where you will also know important facts about this ancient walled city and Mayan port. In Xel-Há, natural wonder of Mexico you can cool off in its creek, rivers and cenotes. Walk among the lush paths of the Mayan jungle and enjoy exquisite food and drinks.

* This tour requires reservation. For your convenience, our concierge will arrange your visit. You just enjoy it!

Tour Xel-Ha - Coba

Mayan culture and a natural wonder

Venture into a tour of the Mayan city of Cobá and you can climb the famous Nohoch Mul pyramid, with a height of 42 m. Walk the paths of the Mayan jungle where different buildings and stelae are located that were of great importance in this ancient Mayan city. At Xel-Há, you can enjoy a refreshing experience with your family in the Mexican Caribbean. The little ones will be able to visit the World of Children and other activities designed especially for their entertainment. Food and drinks are also included in your visit to Xel-Há.

* This tour requires reservation. For your convenience, our concierge will arrange your visit. You just enjoy it!

Xavage Park

How bold are you?

In Xavage you will discover how wild you are with the most intense activities of Cancun and Riviera May. In a park that allows you to decide your level of boldness and choose the experiences that best
suit you. Add and combine the activities of the park to have a day as extreme as you want: water, land or air; two, three, four or all!

Activities with extra cost


Surrounded by jungle and mystery, the most famous archaeological sites in the Mayan world are waiting for you to reveal their secrets. Let the expert guides take you through the remains of the most enigmatic civilization: the Maya.

Ha Restaurant

Carlos Gaytán, the first Mexican chef to receive a Michelin Star, presents HA ', his recently opened sophisticated restaurant. Discover its 7-course tasting menu, accompanied by the best Mexican wines, at the Hotel Xcaret Mexico.

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